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More influence

92% of people are influenced by recommendations for purchases

More sales

Consumers are ​4x more likely to buy​ when referred by a friend

More value

Get ​16% higher lifetime value​ when customers come via referral

Stats from smart people and reputable sources: Paul M Rand, Nielsen, Wharton School of Business

Shhhowercap has a wildly popular Squarespace store featured in The New York Times, Forbes, and Vogue.

Peach’s gave us an intuitive, sleek referral program that integrated seamlessly with our brand’s aesthetic. We got exactly what we asked for — all with exemplary customer service, a super fast turn time, and for a fraction of what we'd been quoted elsewhere. 10/10 would do again.

Maryse Butler Brand Communications Manager, Shhhowercap

Powering thousands of referrals across hundreds of Squarespace stores.

Our experience with Peach’s has been fantastic. The set up was quick and easy with our Squarespace site and our referral program has been performing great. They’ve been extremely responsive and helpful to all of our needs and suggestions.

Noah Hardy, Marketing Team — GenoPalate

Why you need a referral marketing system

Word-of-mouth marketing = untapped potential for your business.

Stop competing for ad space

Instagram and Facebook ads aren't getting any cheaper. Instead of split-testing ads till the cows come home, do word-of-mouth marketing. You can get BIG results on a small budget and convert better, too.

Reward loyal customers

Actions speak louder than words. Which is why the best way to say "thank you" to your most loyal customers for referrals is with a reward! It’s exactly what your best customers are asking for.

Boost shares, traffic, and brand awareness

Help your store spread naturally through your customers’ social networks. Get more awareness, more visitors, and bigger profits.

Grow your email list

Organically grow your email list through a referral program. Our customers increase their subscribers 10% month-over-month by importing contacts from their referral program.

What does Peach’s do?

We give you everything you need to run refer-a-friend marketing programs.

“Get $10 off when you tell a friend”

Reward customers who share your store with friends and on social media. When one of their friends places an order, the referrer gets a reward.

“Give $5, Get $5”

Two-sided referrals let a customer send their friend a discount. When their friend places an order, the referrer gets rewarded with a discount code.

“Get $5 off for every friend you refer”

Stackable rewards let referrers add together their rewards for every friend they refer – the value of their discounts combine for each of their friends who places an order.

Physical / Custom Rewards for referring friends

With this solution, you can distribute your own rewards to referrers instead of discount codes.


Take a look at how you can use Peach’s.

Robin Swan Fashion
Refer a Friend for $10 Off!
Tell a friend about our store and get $10 off your next order after they purchase $30 or more.

How do you want to share?


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Zero Waste Club

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Not sure which plan is right for you? Contact us at [email protected] and we’ll help set up your program.


$49 / month

No hidden comission fees!

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14 day free trial
30-day money back guarantee
Prices in USD and per program

  • Unlimited customers
  • Email Support
  • Reports and dashboards
  • Grow your email list
  • Pop-up referral widgets
  • Custom branding
  • Advanced Fraud Protection ?
  • Two-sided referral programs ?
  • Order confirmation email offers ?
  • Email template customization ?


$149 / month

No hidden comission fees!

Get Started

14 day free trial
30-day money back guarantee
Prices in USD and per program

  • Unlimited customers
  • Priority Email Support
  • Everything from the Individual plan
  • Dedicated landing pages ?
  • Stackable rewards ?
  • Custom sharing channels ?
  • Custom physical rewards ?
  • Advanced Fraud Protection ?
  • Two-sided referral programs ?
  • Order confirmation email offers ?
  • Email template customization ?

Custom Program

Contact Us

Need something a bit beyond our individual and business plans? Contact us for a custom referral program. We cater for:

  • High volume accounts
  • Custom developments
  • Concierge program management
  • Time-limited rewards
  • Subscription rewards
  • Referral thresholds and minimums
  • Immediate pop-ups & prompts
  • Physical rewards and gifts
  • Manual fraud review
  • And so much more

Peach's has the features you need

Our all-in-one Squarespace referral programs have everything you need to reach new customers and grow your business via word of mouth.

Exclusive Squarespace integration

Most referral software isn’t designed for Squarespace eCommerce stores, so it’s frustrating to use and often breaks (not to mention pricey). But Peach’s referral marketing software is exclusively made for Squarespace eCommerce stores and tailored to your site. It works beautifully every time.

Squarespace expert concierge service

We’re always here to help with all the techy and code-y Squarespace bits, even stuff that’s not our software.

Automated rewards system

Offer referral perks so you can easily (and automatically) reward your loyal customers – and get more just like them. Once it's set up, your rewards system is fully automated so you can stay focused on running your business.

Two-sided referral offers

Give your referring customers a good feeling about sharing. Let them send their friends a discount, as well as getting rewarded after their first purchase.

Advanced customer management

Use the Peach’s Squarespace refer-a-friend dashboard to track your customers, see who has referred their friends, and reward key customers.

Order confirmation email integration

Embed your referral program offer directly into your Squarespace order confirmation email. That way, you can limit your referral program to just existing customers and make your rewards extra generous!

Custom email templates

Increase your click-through rates and strengthen your brand identity with our referral program email template editor.

Dedicated custom landing pages

Create a custom landing page in Squarespace that explains your referral offer and embed your referral widget within the page. Perfect for explaining more complex referral program and promoting your program via a direct link. (Business plans only)

Stackable rewards

Create a custom landing page in Squarespace that explains your referral offer and embed your referral widget within the page. Perfect for explaining more complex referral program and promoting your program via a direct link. (Business plans only)

Choose what pages display your program

Selectively show and hide your referral program for different pages on your website. For example, you might want to hide your referral offer on your home page and blog pages, but show the offer on the rest of your pages.

Choose your share channels

Customize the sharing options to encourage users to share referral links via those that fit your business. Options include Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Links.

Customer progress tracking

See who your top referrers are and where your referred customers have come from.

Themes and customization

Peach's Squarespace referral programs fit seamlessly into your existing store design and customer experience, not the other way around. No cheeky peaches on your site, we promise.

Custom domains

Peach's slots right into your existing Squarespace ecommerce store - right down to the url paths. So no peaches for your customers (unless you're a fruit shop).

Custom HTML and CSS

Get more control over your referral program and widgets with the option to custom code the HTML and CSS. Perfect for working with a developer - or you can ask your Peach's account manager to make HTML & CSS changes for you!

Regular email reports

Stay in the loop with how your referral marketing program is tracking. You might actually get excited to read your emails again!

Stats, reports and dashboards

Use the advanced charts and reporting components to help visualize and track the success of your refer-a-friend program over time.

Intelligent fraud detection

We combine industry-standard fraud detection techniques with top third-party providers who detect VPNs, proxies, and other sneaky things.

No hosting costs

Every last slice of Peach's is hosted for you on our super-fast and secure servers.

The best solution to what we have been looking for with Squarespace. The team went above and beyond to set up the referral program for our website. The team is even happy to customise solutions for you!

Pawan Saunya, Zero Waste Club

FAQs about our referral programs

If you don't see your question answered here, email [email protected] and we'll be happy to help.

Is Peach's worth the investment?


If you're a Squarespace eCommerce store with loyal customers and a solid margin, it's very likely you'll get great results with Peach's. Check out our free ROI calculator to see what kind of return you could expect on your investment.

Will you help me set up my program?


Absolutely. Contact us at [email protected]. We offer free concierge services for all our referral program customers.

Can I cancel my free trial before I get charged?


Yes. All our plans come with a 14-day free trial, and we have a generous 30-day refund policy in case you forget to cancel.

Can I change my plan later?


Yes, you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your program at any time – right from your dashboard.

Do you offer any guarantees?


We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So if you find that Peach’s isn’t for you, you can easily request a refund.

How do I request a refund?


You can request a refund for any payments in the last 30 days by contacting our support team via email on [email protected].

When will I be charged?


Your payment will be made at the start of each month. There are no extras, commissions, or overage charges. (No nasty surprises here – we’re not a phone company!)

Why does Peach's need Administrator access as a contributor?


Your Peach’s automated account needs contributor access to be able to generate discount codes and track referred sales. Unfortunately there is no other permission level in Squarespace that gives you access to discount codes. If Squarespace ever adds a new level of permissions or an API to interact with discount codes, we’ll definitely adopt it.

Do you offer Squarespace affiliate programs?


Yes! Check our our Squarespace Affiliate Programs product.


Read more about us.

Reach out to our dedicated customer support team for help with everything from sales to tech integration. Or just to say hi!

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