How to Add Social Proof Sales Notification Pop-Up to Squarespace

This guide shows you how to add a recent order notification pop-up to your Squarespace store. Adding a social proof pop-up helps to increase your conversion rate, build trust in your brand, and create an atmosphere of a thriving store.

1. Visit the home page

Navigate to the SquareCertify home page and scroll down to the plans. Select the plan that’s right for your store based on the number of visitors you have. Click Get Started and create an account.

2. Enter your store’s details

Enter the name and URL of your store, and select Create.

3. Choose Live Orders or Manual Orders

With SquareCertify, you can set the plugin to use live sales from your Squarespace store, or pre-populated orders that you define. (This can be useful for entering fake orders or if you want to highlight particular products.)

Using Live Orders from Squarespace

If you want to use the most recent live sales from your Squarespace store, select the Live Orders option in the next section.

Then, you need to enter your Orders API key from Squarespace. This API key is used to get the most recent orders from your store to display in the notifications.

To get your Orders API key, go to your Squarespace account.

Then, in the sidebar, navigate to Settings > Advanced > Squarespace API Keys, as shown in the screenshot below.

Click Create Key, and enter SquareCertify for the key name. For the API Key Scope, select Orders.

Click Next, and then copy the generated API key to your clipboard.

Then, back in your SquareCertify settings, paste in your API Key, and click Get Latest Orders to test it out. Then click Save to save your settings.

Your live orders should now be showing in your plugin!

Using Manual Orders

If you’d prefer, you can pre-populate the data to show in your pop-up.

This is great if you want to use fake orders or to advertise specific products on your home page.

To use manual orders instead of Live Orders, select the Manual Orders option.

To add a manual order, click the Add Manual Order button.

Then enter your order’s data, and click Done.

Remember to save your program when you’ve added your orders.

4. Customize your settings and styles

In the next section, you can tweak your social proof plugin’s settings and styles to match your Squarespace store.

5. Embed the widget into your site

The last step is to copy your SquareCertify plugin’s code into your Squarespace site.

Click Copy to copy this code to your clipboard.

Then, in your Squarespace admin dashboard, navigate to your Code Injection section. It’s under Settings > Advanced > Code Injection.

Then in the FOOTER code injection field, paste in the code you copied to your clipboard. Paste this code after any existing code in your FOOTER field. Remember to hit Save after you’ve added this code.

6. It’s live! Check your site

Your SquareCertify social proof plugin should now be live on your site! Head there to check it out.


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