Getting Started with Peach’s Refer-a-Friend Programs

This guide is an introduction to Peach’s refer-a-friend programs and your Peach’s account.

What is a refer-a-friend program?

A refer-a-friend program lets you reward customers who share your products or services with their friends. Refer-a-friend programs are used by hundreds of large companies, including Uber, Dropbox, and Vodafone.

These programs increase the number of customers who find out about your business via word of mouth and referrals.

The way you reward customers can vary to fit your business’s needs and to ensure the program is profitable for your organization.

What does Peach’s do?

Peach’s provides refer-a-friend programs for businesses. We specialize in small businesses, but our services scale up to large organizations.

We’ve built the software you need to run a successful refer-a-friend program. Using our services saves you time and money, because you don’t need to build or maintain this technology yourself. This leaves you to focus on the rest of your business – and keeping your customers happy!

Peach’s is an all-in-one refer-a-friend solution – including customer emails, web forms, customer management dashboards, and intelligent spam detection.

What is a gambit?

A gambit is our word for a refer-a-friend program. Set up a new gambit for each refer-a-friend program you want to run within your organization.

What is a treat?

A treat is our word for a reward sent to a customer who successfully refers their friends to your business. Treats can be configured for your business, and can range from discount codes to free samples.

How does Peach’s integrate with my business?

Peach’s integrates perfectly with your existing business systems. There are three points of integration – each of which takes only a couple of minutes to set up.

1. Sign Up Form

Embed our sign up form onto your business’s website where you want customers to sign up for your refer-a-friend program.

2. Button & Client Script

Embed our client script onto the page where customers are sent when they visit a referral link. This script lets you track downloads, purchases, or other actions.

3. Treats Integration

Connect your Peach’s refer-a-friend program with the services you use to distribute your product. This is how successful referrers are rewarded.

How do I create my refer-a-friend program?

Once you’re ready to get started, check out our guides for setting up your refer-a-friend program.


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