Creating a Refer-a-Friend System for Your Enterprise Project

While our standard plans are great for businesses using off-the-shelf tools, enterprises require deeper integration with existing systems.

Peach’s refer-a-friend services can be integrated with your enterprise through our custom integrations – please contact us if you are interested in starting an enterprise account.

This guide covers how Peach’s can be used for your enterprise project.

What can Peach’s do for my organization?

Refer-a-friend programs are proven – time and again – to increase word of mouth and referral channels. They’re used by many of the most successful Silicon Valley tech companies.

It’s time for these programs to start being used in other enterprises.

Peach’s will own the refer-a-friend program you want to run alongside your business initiative. We’ll make sure it’s configured correctly, integrates seamlessly, and scales to your needs.

Build vs Buy

Building your own refer-a-friend program makes sense in a lot of cases, but it also consumes expensive engineering resources.

With Peach’s, one business analyst or marketing agent can set up a refer-a-friend program. If you build it, you’ll need a team of engineers.

What do I get with an enterprise account?

A Peach’s enterprise account gives you access to a dedicated account manager who will operate as your lead contact. They’ll ensure your program is integrated correctly, your support requests are handled, and your service meets your needs.

You’ll also receive a host of benefits not available on our standard plans.

How do I start an enterprise account?

If you’re looking to create a refer-a-friend program for your enterprise project, please contact our sales team to get started. We can be contacted via email at [email protected].


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